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4 Wellness Trends For Your Business

Emma Jennings-Hester
Emma Jennings-Hester December 17, 2019
Wellness trends

Wellness trends aren’t new in the professional world, but they have become employee prerequisites when considering a new role.

Deciding what’s worth investing in from a business perspective can be hard for employers. From mental health days to quiet rooms, here are four 21st century perks you should be offering your staff if you want them to stick around.

Private Rooms

The definition of a private room is exactly what it says on the tin - a room for privacy. Work can be exhausting, and a lot more taxing on the body than most realise. Between deadlines, multitasking and meeting targets, there are multiple factors that can affect a person’s productivity.

But there are ways of keeping staff stress levels down without it having an effect on workflow. Just offer your staff a break room, a space where they can chill out at times when it’s all just a bit too much to handle.

If someone wants to rest their eyes or collect their thoughts, they need a quiet place to do so. This isn’t about recreating a hotel room, just make sure that the room is far away from the busy areas of the office to give maximum privacy.

Books, games and a comfy sofa or reclining chairs will go a long way. And nice ambient light will matter, as will a door that locks. This isn’t about luxury, it’s about creating a space that looks more like home, and less like work.

Mental Health Days

If you’re active on social media you may have noticed that mental health is a hot topic on everyone’s lips. And mental health talk is also huge in the workplace. As more and more companies are now offering mental health days to their staff, it’s important to differentiate between those and sick days.

Think of mental health days as incentives or rewards for your hard working employees, those that really go above and beyond for your business. A happy worker that feels valued, won’t feel the need to jump ship, and it costs a lot less to give some extra days off than to recruit and train a new team member. Having some time off will help your staff recover faster and strengthen their trust in your business.

A Healthy Snack Is A Better Snack

Stress and junk food go hand in hand, so it’s a good idea to keep the bad stuff at bay in the office. For some it may just be a way to pass the time, but for others it’s just the fastest alternative for a meal on a busy day at work.

Although you shouldn’t deny your employees their favourite treats, it wouldn’t hurt to give them some healthier alternatives too. Stock up the kitchen area with fruits, salads, and all sorts of healthy snacks that will boost their brains AND their mood.

Promote the idea that too much sugar won’t increase productivity, and will actually result in an energy crash - nobody wants that at work. Having healthy food within reach in the workplace will keep your employees in tip-top shape and they’ll thank you in the long run.

Get Fit Or Go Home

Fitness is a fad that just won’t go away. And that’s a good thing. We’re all starting to look at diet and lifestyle, so it’s important to maintain a good routine at work too. Companies like Google and Facebook offer their staff fully fledged fitness options - from all out gyms to healthy meals that are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But if you don’t have office space that can accommodate a workplace gym, don’t worry, there are other ways of offering your staff fitness perks. Start by looking into gym membership plan for your employees with fitness centres located close to work. That way, employees can go work up a sweat, take a shower, and come back to work all pumped up to do their job.

Emma Jennings-Hester
Emma Jennings-Hester December 17, 2019

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