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Are Office Dogs the Answer to your Workplace Woes?

Ross Bennett
Ross Bennett February 26, 2020
office dogs

Fancy having lower blood pressure, being more approachable and feeling less stressed? A four-legged companion could be the solution to making your working life happier and healthier.

Forget the Stress Ball

If your office permits furry friends, chances are your working environment will be one which is far less stressful. Whilst the image in your head may be one of bedlam; dogs jumping onto desks, knocking coffees over, and barking at computers as though they were squirrels, they can actually induce a far calmer space. In fact, there has been a study completed to suggest that those who work in offices with dogs have lower stress levels than those without. Stroking a pooch’s tummy doesn’t just bring pleasure to them, but also to you, as it increases the level of stress reducing hormone oxytocin, whilst decreasing the level of the stress hormone cortisol. Right there is the explanation behind the sinking feeling experienced when you don’t pet a puppy in the street.

Whilst dogs may have the potential to act as a distraction, breaks are essential in ensuring good levels of productivity. So, if your companion is in need of popping out for a wee, that will prompt you to have the break from your screen you perhaps wouldn’t normally treat yourself to. Exercise is also a huge contributor to happiness in the work place, and better productivity, so a lunch time walk also has the potential to do a world of good. Sometimes a little wander and change of scenery is all it takes for you to solve an issue that’s been bugging you at your desk.

Mark from IT? He’s Now Your Mate

On the way out for a wee (the dog, not you), chances are you’ll come into contact with colleagues you’ve never spoken to. Normally the extent of your communication would be a smile, or maybe even a hi, however, with a dog it is a whole different ball game. Cuteness (which dogs possess), prompts interaction, and you never know, you could get talking about a project and collectively come up with a ground-breaking idea.

What’s more, the presence of dog’s boosts morale in the office; who can be miserable when there’s a fluffy ball of gorgeousness wanting to be loved? They’re also a brilliant reason to want to be at work, reducing absenteeism, thanks to their ability to defuse stress.

CVs Will Come Flying In

Once word gets out that your office is one which is kind to canines, it is going to become the place to be (or work). Only psychopaths don’t love dogs, so surely the same can be said for those who wouldn’t want to work with them? From a business side of things, creating a dog friendly space is a relatively low-cost way to both attract new employees, and ensure that existing ones are content within their roles. Staff will also be happier not having to fork out for doggy day care, which does not come cheap; £1.5 billion a year is spent on ensuring our pampered pooches remain happy. Employees work life balance will also be improved, as they won’t be worrying about their beloved pets being left alone, and therefore won’t feel the need to rush home to get back to them.

Ultimately, dogs in the office allow happiness all around. The pups get the love and attention they deserve all day, whilst the employees reap the psychological benefits, and our bosses’ profit from increased productivity and reduced absenteeism; *Cue email to CEO*.

Ross Bennett
Ross Bennett February 26, 2020

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