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Secret Santa Made Easy

Emma Jennings-Hester
Emma Jennings-Hester February 26, 2020
secret santa

The time has come, it’s mid-November, and the dreaded Secret Santa email has been sent out. You’re positive that the draw was rigged, as you were left with that guy you once smiled at in the corridor, whom you don’t even know, let alone have any idea what to buy for. But alas, do not worry, we are your saviours this festive season.

Top ten secret santa gifts

You’re a proud individual and do not want to give a shoddy gift, we get it, but the eureka moment on what un-crappy present to purchase, for no more than a tenner, can be a struggle to muster up. Here are 10 gifts we at Picked would be delighted to receive (and purchase, given their wallet friendly price tag).

1. Spreadable Gin & Tonic Marmalade

£9.99, Firebox

secret santa spreadable gin

Spreadable Gin CREDIT: FIREBOX

For the mornings when marmite simply will not suffice.

2. Personalised Name Bottle Opener

£10, Not on the High Street

Personalised Name Bottle Opener CREDIT: NOT ON THE HIGH STREET

For the bloke you don’t know too well… You’re making it personal, and what man doesn’t love beer?

3. Oliver Bonas Happiness in a Bottle Hot Chocolate

£9, Oliver Bonas

Happiness in a Bottle Hot Chocolate CREDIT: OLIVER BONAS

Hot choccy is the ultimate comfort drink, and what’s better is that this one is made in the UK. You’re giving a cup of joy.

4. TIpplesworth Espresso Martini Mixer

£6.99, Selfridges

Tipplesworth Espresso Martini Cocktail Mixer CREDIT: SELFRIDGES

If your colleague will be after something a little stronger than hot chocolate, this is the gift for them. Handcrafted in England by a mixologist with over a decades experience, it’s guaranteed to be a winner (after the addition of vodka).

5. A London Pub for Every Occasion

£9.99, Magma

A London Pub for Every Occasion CREDIT: MAGMA

The soon to be bible for after work drinks.

6. Tea Time Monogram Mug

£8, Anthropologie


A fail safe present to brighten anyone’s morning cuppa.

7. Beard Buddy Beard Shaper

£10, Urban Outfitters


There’s always one who is awfully precious about their beard, and this is the gift for them.

8. Gin Made Me Do It Recipe Book

£9.99, ASOS

Gin Made Me Do It Recipe Book CREDIT: ASOS

A stressful day has driven us all to gin at some point, but this book is for the one who doesn’t require an excuse.

9. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

£9, Marks and Spencer

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse CREDIT: MARKS AND SPENCER

A little bit of luxury for a beauty lover. This natural oil with antioxidant properties smells and feels wonderful, it nourishes whilst having a dry texture. Amazing.

10. Cynical Stationary Notebook Trio

£9.99, Firebox

Cynical Stationary Notebook Trio CREDIT: FIREBOX

Add some light-heartedness to those painfully long meetings through this collection of notebooks which add some humour to the mind-numbingly boring every day.

So there it is, your nightmare before Christmas turned into a dream. Consider us your guardian angel.

Emma Jennings-Hester
Emma Jennings-Hester February 26, 2020

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