Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests assess a candidate's communication and comprehension skills by examining their ability to read through a passage of text before answering questions on what they've read.

  • What is a verbal reasoning test?

    Candidates will be required to read through a passage of text (no prior knowledge of the text is required). They'll then be asked questions on what they've read to determine their ability to process information quickly, separate fact from inference and demonstrate basic comprehension.

  • Why do employers use verbal reasoning tests?

    Not only do verbal reasoning tests help an employer to see how comfortable a candidate is with basic literacy skills, the tests also give a good indication of an individual's ability to work calmly under pressure. As a result, the verbal reasoning test is part of the recruitment process for a wide range of different industries.

  • What is the format of a verbal reasoning test?

    As with most aptitude tests, candidates can normally expect to have to answer one question every minute (although this can vary from test to test). Multiple choice questions will be set on a passage of text that candidates will have to read and process first.

  • Which skills are tested on the verbal reasoning test?

    Primarily, the test looks at people's ability to read and understand information. But employers will also be able to gauge how candidates work under pressure, whether they're able to distinguish between fact and fiction and how well they take information in.

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    Results for the Verbal Reasoning Tests along with other assessments the candidate takes will be compiled to produce a candidate report. The report is automatically generated and available both online and as a downloadable pdf so they can be shared with other team members and employees alike.

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      “We used Picked as part of our Finance Graduate Scheme recruitment and it was just what we needed – really simple to send candidates the link to complete and clear to see how the all compared. And great value for money!”
      Christina, HR Director, Cancer Research, UK
      Christina, HR Director, Cancer Research, UK
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      Nick, HR Operations, Airbus, Spain
      Nick, HR Operations, Airbus, Spain


      Are the tests difficult?

      There are two different levels of test: foundation and advanced. The foundation tests can be set for a wide range of roles, but the advanced tests are normally used for the recruitment of management or senior positions.

      How long does the verbal reasoning test last?

      Verbal reasoning tests usually take around 20 minutes to complete, although this will vary from test to test.

      Are these tests available in my plan?

      Yes! Whichever plan you select, you'll be able to see the full range of test levels. The only difference between the plans is the amount of tests you're permitted to attempt.

      Can I see what the test is like?

      All you need to do is click the 'view example' button to get a preview of a test. You'll be able to see a mix of foundation and advanced level questions so you get a flavour of what candidates can expect on both tests.

      “Focusing on data reduced the subjective decision making from our hiring process and allowed us to reduce bias and make better hiring decisions.”
      Izzie, Head of HR, iZettle, Sweden
      Izzie, Head of HR, iZettle, Sweden

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