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  • Source

    Reach a global talent pool

    Our recommendation engine maps roles with our data-driven talent pool to provide an instant list of directly contactable talent.

  • Assess

    Deploy our full suite of assessments

    Our ready-to-use validated assessments quantify aptitude, personality, behavioural and skills data.

  • Interview

    Conduct interviews from anywhere

    Streamline your interview process with virtual interviews integrated directly into the platform.

  • Match

    Employ our algorithms to rank your talent

    Our unique test portfolios, customisable benchmarks and requirement weighting ensure bias-free matching of talent to their roles.

  • Analyse

    Review and refine your hiring performance

    Our suite of metrics and real-time intelligence allow you to track and refine all aspects of the hiring process.

“Provides all the data and high-level metrics we need to make fast hiring decisions. Picked has been particularly helpful in scaling our operations since we moved to remote working.”
Greg, CEO, Reverse Media Group, Australia
Greg, CEO, Reverse Media Group, Australia

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    Certified test suite

    A comprehensive, multi-level testing suite across aptitude, behavioural, personality and skills assessments.

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    Immediate results

    In-built communications and automatic assessment delivery provide results in minutes, not days.

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    Automatic reporting

    Comprehensive digital and downloadable reports of all your talent are available instantly.

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    360 analytics

    Receive real-time analytics and actionable data to gain unparalleled insights on your pool of talent.

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    Integrated automations

    Save yourself hours by automating recurring tasks like talent communications and assessment scheduling.

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    Secure & compliant

    We are ICO certified and GDPR compliant to provide enterprise level security and peace of mind.

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