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Applicant Tracking System

    Automate the process

    Send messages, confirmations, rejections and schedule interviews with Picked’s ATS.

  • HIRE

    Hire the best candidates

    Manage applications, move candidates through the process and include your employees to make the best hiring decisions.

  • JOIN

    Seamlessly add to your team

    When you’re ready to hire candidates, you can convert them to employees in one simple click.


    Review your performance

    Assess and refine your recruiting process with Picked’s ATS analytics.

“Focusing on data reduced the subjective decision making from our hiring process and allowed us to reduce bias and make better hiring decisions.”
Izzie, Head of HR, iZettle, Sweden
Izzie, Head of HR, iZettle, Sweden

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    Integrated HR

    Recruit, assess, manage, develop and engage from one integrated HR platform.

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    People analytics

    Industry-leading people analytics with our quantifiable assessments, reviews and surveys.

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    Real-time updates

    Always up-to-date data with continuous linking to your employees, teams and the wider industry.

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    Workflow automation

    Automate recurring workflows with in-built triggers, regulated actions and notifications.

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    Multi-dimensional reporting

    Customizable dashboards and digital or downloadable reports are instantly available.

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    Secure & compliant

    ICO certified and GDPR compliant to provide enterprise level security and peace of mind.

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