How MBCC set the precedent for global recruitment infrastructure

MBCC initially approached Picked looking to integrate psychometric testing into our recruitment process. From day one, they were extremely flexible and helped us set up multiple functions across all of our various regions.

We were able to set up multiple accounts all under the MBCC Group, each with the ability to be individually managed by the relevant regional HR Team. This allowed us to streamline our global recruitment function, iron out lines of communication and avoid what could have easily been a logistical nightmare.

Picked facilitated our need for different team members requiring access to specific accounts. The platform allowed us to tailor the way in which we tested candidates to exactly what we wanted. Whether it was number of users, number of candidates, the types of jobs we were recruiting for, compiling a candidate shortlist or allocating different types of tests to each different candidate, we could do it.

Helping to manage diverse and ever changing demand

The ability to add as many team members, to as many different accounts, was essential. The ‘passwordless’ system was very helpful due to the sheer number of employees all using it at one given time. There was no ‘what is the password?’ panics! Operating entirely online meant that we hit no boundaries or hurdles usually posed by using a third party provider for multiple time zones. That being said, whenever you do need to speak with someone, Picked are extremely accommodating.

It is rare to find a provider that can be used by every single geographical location, within such a diverse company of MBCCs size.
Imen Lounifi, HR Development Manager, MBCC
Imen Lounifi, HR Development Manager, MBCC


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