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10 Of The UK's Best HR Software Tools For Recruitment (2023)

Rachel Buchanan
Rachel Buchanan May 26, 2021
Best HR Software Tools For Recruitment

Investing in the best HR management software helps you keep HR in-house without having to outsource managing your employees.

The best HR software enables small businesses and SMEs to effectively manage the entire hiring process, payroll, performance, training, monitor attendance and even the termination process without needing to employ a third-party HR service.

Seamless integrations with third party functions such as gmail, social media and CRM recruitment platforms allow decisions to be made quickly and accurately, increasing your effectiveness and allowing more time to be spent on more profitable tasks.

If you're searching for a list of the top HR software, we recommend checking out the following tools:

1. Freshteam

fresh team HR Software Tools For Recruitment

Freshteam is cloud-based HR software from product platform Freshworks.

Key features & benefits

  • Uses automation to speed up processes, saving you time
  • Integrates with job boards to reach a wide range of candidates
  • Provides data to allow you to make data driven recruitment decisions

Why you'll love it

It does more than recruiting, offering automated processes across the whole spectrum of HR requirements.

2. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter  HR Software Tools For Recruitment

LinkedIn Recruiter is the hiring function of online professional networking platform LinkedIn, using their networks to allow you to search for and target your ideal candidates.

Key features & benefits

  • Find and reach candidates without needing to have their contact details
  • Use LinkedIn's algorithms to find recommended matches
  • Share profiles with your team members and track performance of your outreach.

Why you'll love it

As long as your future employee is on LinkedIn, you should be able to reach them.

3. Workable

workable HR Software Tools For Recruitment

Easy to use, enterprise grade technology that allows you to track all applicants and seamlessly interact as a team using the Workable app to make hiring decisions.

Key features & benefits

  • Easy to use, with a global support system and single sign on supported
  • GDPR compliant
  • Uses AI Recruiter to use machine learning to narrow down candidates.

Why you'll love it

Create one job application which is automatically circulated to hundreds of job boards and all responses are aggregated in one Workable workflow.

4. Test Candidates

test candidates

Test Candidates allows you to make better hiring decisions with a full suite of candidate assessments providing unbiased data driven metrics.

Key features & benefits

  • Tests cover a range of levels to suit all hiring circumstances.
  • Simple to use - automated processes for inviting, testing and assessing
  • Instant results once a candidate completes an assessment

Why you'll love it

You'll be making confident data backed decisions without having to be a professional psychologist. Good for small businesses.

5. BambooHR

Bamboo HR Software Tools For Recruitment

If you're after the full circle of HR tools, BambooHR delivers. Covering the entire employee lifecycle, BambooHR is an all-in-one web based HR solution.

Key features & benefits

  • Saves you time by automating mundane processes
  • Cloud based, with an integrated app, so accessible from anywhere
  • Tracks data and alerts users to key dates

Why you'll love it

Perfect for small and medium businesses, reduces time and paper in one cohesive easy to use package.

6. Gusto

gusto HR Software Tools For Recruitment

Gusto wins points for best HR software by providing an easy to use cloud-based solution that even deals with payroll, benefits and taxes.

Key features & benefits

  • Offers key assistance such as full-service payroll with an easy to use UX.
  • Provides benefits for small businesses that are usually only on offer for large corporates
  • Platform is also suitable for use by accountants

Why you'll love it

Makes every aspect of HR easy including retention of staff for small and medium US businesses and start-ups.

7. Bullhorn

Bullhorn HR Software Tools For Recruitment

Agile HR software by Bullhorn focuses on the recruitment and applicant part of the HR process. Based in Boston, this startup allows recruiters to manage the entire process from one platform.

Key features & benefits

  • Built for recruiters, by recruiters so the products provide solutions to real recruiting issues
  • Seamless platform integration including using Salesforce capacity
  • Offers keyword and Boolean search functions to faster sift applicants.

Why you'll love it

Cutting edge innovative technology from a founder led tech company means Bullhorns offering is constantly evolving to meet needs in new ways.

8. Zenefits

Zenefits is full service HR software created to manage the entire gamut of HR requirements including payroll, benefits, onboarding and recruitment.

Key features & benefits

  • Reduce errors and increase compliance.
  • Free trial with no payment requirements
  • Prides itself on the core value of 'in it together' offering new businesses technology to support them in their early days

Why you'll love it

Technology with a big heart. Cutting edge full service software which sees itself as part of a bigger picture.

9. Namely

Namely  HR Software

If your business is a mid-sized firm, Namely is aimed at you. Another full-service powerful HR software solution, Namely covers everything from onboarding to payroll and compliance.

Key features & benefits

  • Key for mid-sized HRIS (human resources information services) – manage all policies from one central portal.
  • Employees can access information from the Namely app
  • Uses an open API so you can pull external data into the Namely portal.

Why you'll love it

Namely is hot on employee self-service with a dedicated employee portal for access, information, training and through which you can disseminate information.

10. Kissflow


Kissflow wins plaudits for being an HR software designed seamlessly for larger teams with self-service and guided onboarding functions.

Key features & benefits

  • Offers a unified digital HR process through cloud software
  • Manages attendance and performance
  • Flexible and customizable.

Why you'll love it

Gives clear visibility across all of the recruitment and onboarding processes, as well as ongoing performance management and HR functions such as absence and leave, allowing for users to track improvement and efficiency.

Rachel Buchanan
Rachel Buchanan May 26, 2021

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