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How to Navigate the Office Christmas Party

Charlotte Gooch
Charlotte Gooch March 07, 2020
Office Christmas Party

It doesn’t have to be as dreaded as you may anticipate, and boozing yourself into obliteration isn’t the only option to prevent boredom. Here is our guide on how to enjoy the office festivities.

What the Hell do I Wear?

Whilst your brand-new LBD that shows all the leg and all the boob may leave you feeling like a 10, it maybe isn’t the most appropriate outfit to be worn to what is still an office event (annoyingly). Even though your slightly more garish ensembles should be left at home, it’s still a party, and Christmas, so sparkle and fun should definitely be incorporated. Turning up in what you would normally wear to work is a no, and to be brutally honest, you’ll look like a bit of a prudish bore. Basically, don’t be bah humbug; get the glitter out and dress to impress.


It’s easy to get carried away. Christmas is a time to get merry, even more so when it’s on the company credit card. The usual “only have two drinks” is advice that quite frankly will be ignored. Instead, I propose to sticking to one type of drink. If it’s gin, don’t suddenly decide to move onto bubbles half way through the night. You will thank me for this the morning after, not only for the more manageable hangover, but this strategic drinking policy should hopefully mitigate any potential embarrassment you would only remember when prompted the following day.

If you can, at least try and drink some water throughout the evening, and most definitely when you eventually stumble home. It’s a party and you should enjoy yourself, but don’t get as pissed as a fart, you’ll end up doing stupid shit and that’s something you don’t want your boss to see. The whole office do not need to see you crying for some unknown reason, or getting with fit Ben from marketing.


The likelihood is that the food on offer will be nibbles. As delicious and moreish as canapes are, even if you manage 12 smoked salmon blinis, chances are your stomach will not be substantially lined. Following the previous advice, this would not end well in the alleviation of any potential embarrassment following copious amounts of prosecco. What’s more, hors d’oeuvres are generally really salty prompting you to drink more. The answer to this predicament is quite simply to eat beforehand. Have a balanced meal full of protein and carbs. This will mean that your blood sugar levels should remain fairly stable even after booze, therefore you won’t end up looking like a crazed person on a hunt for the mini burgers circulating the room.

Small Talk

We’ve all been there; someone approaches you and despite your best efforts, you can’t remember their sodding name. Cursing yourself in your head doesn’t help, instead keep the conversation broad. Ask what their plans are for the Christmas period, are they at home or visiting family? Are they sticking to the traditional turkey or trying something different? Before you know it, the fact that you can’t remember their name for the life of you is a distant memory.

Apparently, having a drink in your hand makes other people feel comfortable, and if it makes you feel more relaxed then it’s a win. However, this tip does not give you permission to chug your beer as though it’s water. The Christmas party is a time to mingle and chat to those you perhaps wouldn’t come into contact with usually. Enjoy it, you never know you could meet your new office bestie.

Christmas is a time for celebration and the work do should be no exception, just remember your audience!

Charlotte Gooch
Charlotte Gooch March 07, 2020

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