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Improve Recruiting with Applicant Tracking Systems

The recruitment industry is ever-changing. Despite there being talk about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) taking a back seat, it is not entirely true. Transformation is the keyword here. Technology and algorithms are constantly improved to offer a more up-to-date approach to recruiting. The recruitment process can be both incredibly fruitful but also stressful, thus an added algorithm can elevate this to a new level.

Matthew Alden
Matthew Alden August 20, 2019
Improve Recruiting with Applicant Tracking Systems

Getting The Most From ATS and Machine Learning

The majority of people within the hiring industry admit that the main issue is acquiring quality talent. The aim is to find someone who is not only qualified but also brings added value to your business and stays with the company in the long run. This, however, is not always easy to foresee. Within recruitment, being able to deal with this effectively would take a lot of stress out of the equation but how to sift through a large number of candidates in the most effective way?

Intelligent Selection and ATS

Intelligent Selection offers a chance to apply machine learning to evaluating whether a candidate has the appropriate skills and cultural fit to join the company, and how likely they are to accept the offer while also estimating probable retention. This, in return, creates a tailored recruitment process making things easier both for the employer and the future employee.

Integrating Intelligent Selection within ATS brings many benefits like the ability to predict potential situations, improve engagement, and make the hiring process more time-efficient. In return, scheduling interviews becomes an automated process saving you time and no longer is there a need to go through stacks of CVs - selecting a fitting candidate has become that much easier.

To stay relevant within your industry, intelligent talent acquisition is a must - it gives you the chance to make the recruitment process more efficient than ever while also allowing for maximum conversion of job seekers to applicants.

Instead of having to focus on every single step of the hiring process, the most time-consuming aspects are taken care of through Intelligent Selection where the algorithm matches key traits and experience connecting you to candidates that would be the best fit. This in return saves you time that you can then invest in connecting with candidates and have a more focused interview process.

Understanding this and getting on board with an improved recruitment process isn't enough. In order to achieve the best results, you need to make sure that you have chosen the best software and platform that will help you meet your goals.

In a time when the competition is fierce and technologies are improving at a speed that's near impossible to follow, it is important to get it right as soon as possible. The best ATS will work for you in every aspect, gathering information, analysing it, and allowing you to land the best hire. Unless your ATS is doing the heavy lifting for you - sifting through a pool of applicants, analysing key traits and previous experience - it's not worth your time. What you want is Intelligent Selection that guarantees a more time-efficient and accurate approach to hiring, while also saving the company money by reducing costs and increasing candidate and employee satisfaction, not to mention the quality of hire.

Matthew Alden
Matthew Alden August 20, 2019


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