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The Job Interview: 7 Things NOT To Do

Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards December 10, 2019
Job Interview

Avoid these 7 things during a job interview and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Like it or not, interviews are really important. Yet, you wouldn’t believe how many potential employees go to interviews without basic preparation, such as researching the company or employer. This, as you can imagine, leads to slip ups, awkward silences or verbal diarrhoea. You can have a shiny CV and cover letter, but if the interview doesn’t go well you’ll be out the door quicker than you can say ‘unemployed’.

Avoid these seven things and you will have nothing to worry about.

1. Don’t be too late or too early

Don’t be late because it shows a lack of respect for your interviewer, and questionable organisation skills. If you are running late the best way to salvage an appearance of professionalism is to call the employer and warn them.

Don't arrive 30 minutes to an hour early either. This could inconvenience your interviewer as much as arriving late. Plan your route in advance and check Transport For London (TFL) website that in case of any delays. Ideally, you want to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

2. Don’t Think You Can “Wing It”

There’s no winging a job interview. Before the interview do your research about the company: how it started, its ethos and how it developed.It’s also good idea to research the background of your interviewer. If you can say something along the lines of “I read that you worked on X” to your interviewer as you introduce each other, you’ll immediately impress them with your thoroughness.

3. Don’t Be Yourself

“Be yourself, just act natural” is the advice a lot of people give before an interview. In a way, you need to deliver golden performance that screams “I am the person you want for this job’’

Think about the kind of questions you’ll be asked ahead of time such as why are you right for the job? Analyse the job description and take note of the skills, knowledge and abilities you have to match the role.

Prepare to talk about the reasons you chose this particular company to apply to. If the interviewer throws an unexpected question your way, never say “I don’t know”. Navigate your answer back to some of the points you prepared.

4. Don’t Look Disinterested

Non verbal communication speaks volumes. Make sure you smile, make eye contact and use a firm handshake. This will help you to project confidence. Look attentive: don’t slouch, sit up straight, but be comfortable.

Avoid those nervous ticks such as foot-tapping and nail biting, which distract the interviewee and make you look insecure.

5. Don’t Look Desperate

No matter how much you need the job, try to mask the scent of Au De Desperate For Work. Saying things like, “to be honest I’ll take whatever I can get right now” sounds unprofessional and is off-putting for the interviewer.

Also, don’t divulge too much personal information about why you need to job during the interview, such as complaining about your financial difficulties. Employers want to know what you can contribute to the company and why you chose the role, not that you’re having money problems.

6. Don’t Turn Up Empty Handed

Bring copies of your CV, references, a copy of the job description. You may well need to take notes during the interview so pack a pen and notepad. If it’s relevant, also bring a portfolio of work that you can show off. By being well prepared at this sage, you’ll already look employable.

7. Don’t Use Your Phone

Finally, turn your phone off and keep it out of sight - just like you do at the cinema. Go over your CV and prepared answers as you wait to be called in. You’ll look focused to the employer and it’ll put you in the right zone before you start the interview.

Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards December 10, 2019

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