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  • Aptitude

    Reveal core abilities

    Our suite of aptitude tests includes numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and mechanical reasoning to give you a full understanding of your candidates’ cognitive abilities.

  • Behaviour

    Demonstrate working styles

    Our behavioural assessments demonstrate how talent will act in different situations and reveal the type of environment they thrive in to ensure it’s closely matched to yours.

  • Personality

    Understand drives & culture fit

    Our unique HEXACO based personality assessments break down a candidate’s personality and score them across 28 work-related traits critical to the workplace.

  • Skills

    Highlight specific skills

    Our skills assessments ensure your talent has the necessary skills to do what you’re hiring them for. These could be specific skills to that role or more general skills required to work in your company as a whole.

“We used Picked as part of our Finance Graduate Scheme recruitment and it was just what we needed – really simple to send candidates the link to complete and clear to see how the all compared. And great value for money!”
Christina, HR Director, Cancer Research, UK
Christina, HR Director, Cancer Research, UK

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    Certified test suite

    A comprehensive, multi-level testing suite across aptitude, behavioural, personality and skills assessments.

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    Immediate results

    In-built communications and automatic assessment delivery provide results in minutes, not days.

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    Automatic reporting

    Comprehensive digital and downloadable reports of all your talent are available instantly.

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    360 analytics

    Receive real-time analytics and actionable data to gain unparalleled insights on your pool of talent.

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    Integrated automations

    Save yourself hours by automating recurring tasks like talent communications and assessment scheduling.

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    Secure & compliant

    We are ICO certified and GDPR compliant to provide enterprise level security and peace of mind.

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