Using science to find the perfect hire

Brush up on the science behind identifying and hiring the best talent to gain a deeper understanding of the best practices in recruitment.

What’s Inside?

With employees leaving their jobs in droves during the Great Resignation, and the rise in remote work broadening the talent pool in surprising ways, how do you ensure you are hiring the best talent? In this white paper, we’ll summarise an evidence-based approach to hiring, highlighting the best tests for predicting job performance and covering the following topics:

  • How to define success for a job role
  • How to efficiently predict job success
  • How to select and combine tests
  • How to make the most of your tests
Using science to find the perfect hire
“Personality profiling allowed us to perform lookalike modelling of our most successful employees and use this as a blueprint for new hires.”
Nick, HR Operations, Airbus, Spain
Nick, HR Operations, Airbus, Spain

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